Magic Card Tricks 50 Amazing Tricks You Can Do With A Magic DeckBy Jack Mingo

Today I Will post about Magic card Tricks, In here I will only post one by one, and in a moment i shall translate to indonesia, trims for coming and trims for everything.


What a great card trick deck! That was my first reaction when I ran across it. I liked the fact that it was especially well-suited for doing magic tricks, not just for experienced magicians but for clumsy rank amateurs like myself as well.

This deck, called a "stripper deck", and it doesn't look any different from any other deck....but with it, you can do some unbelievably amazing card tricks.

Magician have jealously guarded this secret for generations. But now the rabbit's out of the hat with this book, featuring dozens of ticks that can be done only with this special deck. Psychic tricks. Story tricks. Tricks with disappearing and reapearing cards.

For example, try the trick where a deck changes, with a simple flick of the wrist, from a normal deck to an all-red one, and then an all-black one.

Or the ultimate "pick a card" trick in which you catch the selected cards in your teeth as the rest of the deck falls past you.

Or How about the trick in which the "card spirits" lead your friend to just the right quote in a large book?

You will not believe the tricks you can do with just a few minutes of practice.

Hint #1: The Deck's Dark Secret

If you're like most people, you've already taken the cards out, shuffled them around, and tried to figure them out before opening this book. Now you're wondering what's so "magic" about them and have retreated to having to read the directions.

You may be feeling pretty sheepish and suspicious right now. "Did I get ripped off" you might be asking yourself. "It looks like just an ordinary deck to me".

And you're right, in a way. Take a good, long and the odds are you still won't be able to tell this isn't a normal dck. In fact, an experienced card player could use these cards in all-night poker game and never suspect a thing. Tihs magic deck has all the cards of a regular deck. It is not a "marked deck" – it has nothing unusual printed on either the front or back.

What makes it different is avery subtle thing: One end is very slightly narrower than the other – just a millimeter or two. Magicians call this a "tapered deck" or a "stripper deck". They know that this subtle little difference is actually a huge one, because it allows them to do some amazing tricks. Any card that is reversed in the deck-turned end to end-can be easily found by gently feeling the edges of the deck.

This makes tricks so easy that they can even be done by any child who has learned how to tell outrageous stories with a straight face ( and what child hasn't).

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